"Your communications challenges are unique. Your solutions should be too."



My approach?

I work with you to understand your needs.

Then I craft unique training sessions that deliver results.

This is what some clients have written about my media training sessions:

  • He offered a top-notch course and afforded the gentle hand that all folks appreciated/needed.
  • I enjoyed the training, thought that everyone in our group improved during the day, and thought that Doug was excellent at helping move us forward. I liked the focus on getting people in front of the camera and letting us self-critique ourselves and each other.  Doug created a good, relaxed dynamic that let people feel at ease.  Thought he was a great facilitator.
  • The being on camera was definitely useful and I can't see how media training could be done effectively otherwise.
  • I am happy I got to do the course and consider it quite a valuable experience.

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